Teru-teru Bouzu

There are so many things to say about tsuyu, Japan’s rainy season. The name itself, literally translated from kanji (梅雨) means “plum rain”. It is so called for the idea that the daily, drenching rains make for rich and juicy plums. In my area, tsuyu’s greatest agricultural importance is in rice farming, as the fresh … More Teru-teru Bouzu


This week’s entry features an intermediate-level tutorial. The image used falls on the side of creepy and may not be for everyone. If you’re not crazy about horror/creepshow types of pictures, check back next week for something entirely different. Cheers! There are many types of silence- that sticky, awkward kind; the hefty, foggy, waiting kind; … More Silence

An Introduction

 “Ready, set… g- no, wait. Wait. Something changed.” “All right, I rewrite it, reset my goals.” Time passes. The launch date has arrived. “…and in this…” “Five, four, three,” “…we see…” “…two, one- No, no. Stop. Stop. There’s a problem.” “Again?” “Don’t sound so disappointed. Do it again. Adjust. Change.” More time passes. “Spring has … More An Introduction